Reflections on Life

Life – what is life! Life can be described in many ways and has many facets and interpretations. It presents us with an ongoing stream of experiences of situations, events and interactions of all kinds with other people and our environment.

It is creation in its magnificent splendour – the original bringing into existence of the universe by God.

For humans it is a journey encompassing all the seasons, colour and streams of life’s experiences.

The miracle of new life in any form of creation brings wonder and amazement as we become aware of the intrinsic formation of such an unexplainable divine plan.

For humans there are many rituals and traditions that help celebrate the different seasons and significant moments in life.

A welcoming of a new child might entail a ritual of a Christening or Blessing in the Christian tradition or perhaps a Naming Ceremony for those less religious. In other cultures and belief systems children are welcomed in a variety of ways but none-the-less mostly it is found to be a joyful celebration of the miracle of new birth.

Life can sometimes be brief – the miracle taken back from where it began just as life is beginning – the mystery of why these sad experiences happen not to be explained.

Life changes for humans as the body grows and life is experienced in new ways. Learning takes place as the brain develops and intelligence is gained and used for the betterment of human kind.

At times the human body suffers from physical limitations this being a challenge as strength of spirit and courage come to the fore.

During the seasons of life ritual is shown to be important such as times of celebration when a person reaches the age of eighteen – a time of maturity and starting out as an adult on life’s journey.

Permanency of relationships can be celebrated by the ritual of Marriage as people start a new chapter along the journey called life.

The miracle of new life can emerge again in this relationship of Marriage as a new life is created and welcomed to the world.

As the continuing seasons and cycles of life are observed, life can represent colour as of a rainbow in these seasons of new beginnings, celebrations, changes and endings.

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet – colours of the rainbow – how symbolic of life’s journey as the rainbow is composed of the entire spectrum of colour from the shortest wavelength violet to the longest wavelength red.

A closing ritual now takes place as the body has accomplished its purpose and the ending of life as humans know it is honoured and the life celebrated as the spirit travels back to the Divine from whence it came.


This article supplied by Sandra Hill, Brisbane Wedding Celebrant. For more information about Sandra Hill, weddings, renewal of vows and naming ceremonies in Brisbane, please contact Sandra today.


Brisbane Home and Land Packages

OJ Pippin Homes builds affordable quality homes throughout Brisbane and South East Queensland. Our company strives to give our clients a stress free building experience, whether it is to live in or to invest.

With over 100 superb design and floor plan options to choose from we can help you find a house to suit a specific block, location or site and most importantly to suit your budget and requirements.

If you also require land, our Sales consultants are ex-land sales and real estate agents so they know the whole building and land acquisitions process back to front, so they can act as a buyer’s agent to help you source land if you don’t have your own.

OJ Pippin Homes have currently sourced great value land for House & Land Packages throughout Brisbane, Gold coast and the Sunshine coast.

All packages are complete ‘FULL TURN KEY’ packages which means we take care of everything for you from full landscaping and paths to window furnishings and floor coverings. Simply move in and enjoy your new home.

Our aim is to have you enjoy success whether it is for investment purposes or your own home at the lowest possible cost while maximising your future financial position. Any investment, whether rental property or owner-occupier, requires careful consideration as it is one of the major decisions an individual will make. OJ Pippin is committed to providing you with your property within 12 weeks of council approval and a continued relationship to ensure that everything remains to your satisfaction.

For investment packages, we have expanded our operations to include our own ‘in-house’ marketing division – not only do we build it, but we can rent it for you and arrange the property management post completion. In addition we can point you in the right direction to maximise your returns such as steering you via a qualified quantity surveyor to provide you with a depreciation schedule to take advantage of the taxation benefits that are available through the ATO.

From our strong customer focus and through direct honest contact OJ Pippin Homes is often involved in a number of repeat projects with our owner-occupiers and investment clients.

If you’re looking for a Brisbane Home Builder, House & Land package or more information on this Brisbane builder call 1800 OJ HOME (1800 654 663) If you’re Building today, Go the OJ Way!


Cladding the Queenslander House

Cladding the Queensland house or ‘Queenslander’ with vinyl cladding speaks eloquently of our distinctive lifestyle and is one of the most sensible alternatives to the regular high maintenance of the exterior of our houses whilst also maintaining it’s distinctive character and architectural design.

Queensland has more than one type of housing but a traditional past of building with timber has been dominant. This distinctive tradition originated with rough timber huts of early settlement and developed into the multi-gabled bungalows of the 1930s. Buildings continued until, and were adapted after, the Second World War, leading to more contemporary timber houses.

The most typical early twentieth century Queensland house is characterised by:
• timber construction with corrugated-iron roof;
• highset on timber stumps;
• single-skin cladding for partitions and sometimes external walls;
• verandahs front and/or back, and sometimes the sides;
• decorative features to screen the sun or ventilate the interior.

Some of the negatives for the Queenslander were the high maintenance and poor insulation of the external walls as they were only single skinned and required regular painting. One of the most cost effective ways of rectifying these negatives is to have insulated vinyl cladding install directly over the existing exterior walls. This will leave you with an almost maintenance free exterior that never needs to be painted and also makes the house warmer in winter and helps with cooling costs in the summer.

Vinyl cladding, despite its relatively low price, is an extremely durable product. The colour of vinyl house cladding will last much longer than a cladding option that is painted. The cladding won’t dent like aluminium cladding, and unlike wood cladding, vinyl cladding is resistant to moisture, mould and insects so it won’t rot or deteriorate like wood can over time. In fact, vinyl cladding is one of the most durable options of any type of exterior cladding on the market. Our vinyl wall cladding can withstand extremes in weather including temperature changes and relatively high wind speeds. In fact, our cladding can even withstand cyclonic force winds. The manufacturer of our cladding is so confident in the product they offer an extensive lifetime warranty to back up their claims of how durable the product is.

Keep the character of your Queensland home, reduce maintenance and add insulation.

We offer free quotes for new and old buildings, why not call us today on 1800 684 717 or check out these web sites: Cladding TownsvilleCladding BundabergCladding Ipswich .


Tips for Kids Parties

{Parties for kids~Kid’s parties~Children’s parties~Parties for children} have come a long way in {recent times~the last decade} {due to~with} more options, {more expectations and more expense~more expense and more expectation} placed on an {event~annual event} that runs {for only~for~approx.~approximately} {two-three~2-3} hours. {Working~Being~Involved~Being involved} in the {children’s~kids} party industry for {over fifteen~over 15~15} years, {I’ve~I have} seen every {kind~type} of party from the informal backyard gathering to a {virtual~veritable} carnival with {a great variety of entertainment~everything imaginable} hired.

{However, a~A~But don’t be daunted! A} {child’s~children’s~kid’s} party doesn’t {require~need} {a big budget or an event planner~an event planner or a big budget} to be {wonderful~successful~a success}. {Here are~I have~I want to give you} some {great~sure-fire} {pointers~tips} to get the party started and the kids {having a ball~really enjoying themselves}.

1. {Keep it traditional~Stick with the familiar~Stick with tradition}. {Children~Kids} {enjoy it~love it~feel comfortable} when predictable elements {appear~occur~are present}, and if {they’re~they are} overlooked, it {won’t~will not} go unnoticed! {Definites~Must-haves} are: Food, birthday cake, and the all important Party Bag! If {you have~you provide~you’ve got} {at least these~these} three things, {you have~you’ve got} {the basics of~a} party.

2. {Things for the kids to do~What to provide for the kids~What games to provide}. There are {innumerable~so many~literally thousands of} options: Party games; hire an {entertainer or activity~activity or entertainer} or have {the party~it} somewhere that will entertain the kids for you. {The Golden Rule is~Rule of thumb}: DON’T OVER-DO IT!

{Just one~One} or two {entertainment events~structured games~sessions of entertainment} are more than enough. {The fact is~Remember}, {children~the kids} {will be~are already being} {expected~commanded~directed} to eat now, cut the cake now, watch the gifts being opened now, etc etc.. {When~If} you {add~throw in} entertainers, activities and games, {children~the kids} {may~can} {quickly~easily} {be~become} overwhelmed, {plus~and} {time~the party} whizzes by without the {children~kids} having {the chance~a chance~time} to actually {play with abandonment~play}.

3. Play time: This element should be the {number one~top} party essential. {Allowing time~Time~Factoring time} for {children~the kids} to {play, run around~play, run about~run about, play~run around, play}, {laugh and talk~talk and laugh} with {one another~each other} is {valuable~golden}. It suits children of all ages and capabilities, and {-~what’s more }, it’s free!

4. Age-appropriate entertainment. This {idea~directive~suggestion~tip} may seem like a no-brainer, {but~however} {many parties~I have attended many parties that} {result in children being~can have children feeling} bored or bewildered. For example, hiring a magician-clown for two-year olds left most of the children terrified. Another example is a bowling party for four-year olds. The {children~kids} had no interest in being competitive and after {several~just a few~a few} bowls, the {excitement~novelty} had {definitely~seriously~absolutely} worn off. {And even~Even} Pass-the-Parcel can cause distress when played with {children~kiddies} {who are too~too} young to {know~realise} they haven’t missed out, they just have to wait their turn. {When you are having~When you are holding~When you are putting on~When you are hosting~If you are holding~If you are hosting~For} a party {with~for} mixed ages and genders, {there’s~there is} a {wide range~broad range} of entertainment that {will appeal~appeals}, such as {face-painting~jumping castles~jumping castles, face painting} and balloon-twisting.

5. {Try to Relax!~Relax!} When planning {a~your} party, {plan with~listen to} your child and use your instincts – you know what {they’ll~they will} enjoy {the most~most}. On the day have a mini {run-list~run-sheet~paper list} so {that you~you} don’t forget anything, like when to {get~put} the party pies in the oven or to hand out the party bags.

{And most importantly~Then~And lastly}, enjoy YOURSELF too…after all -it’s a party!

{All the best!~Best of luck!}

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Permanent Laser Hair Removal Brisbane

Laser Hair Removal is a becoming a popular treatment, as the current fashion for both men and women is to have the clean look consisting of little or no body hair. Excess or unwanted hair growth is usually a result of genetics, hormones or certain medications. Recent advances in the technology have meant that the hair removal treatments are now a lot more effective and there is less risk of side effects from occurring, making it safer for consumers.

When discussing Laser Hair Removal, it is important to note that the body has 3 cycles of hair growth – Anagen (active), Catogen (transitional) and Telogen (resting). The laser energy destroys hairs in the Anagen or active phase, targeting the cells at the base of the hair follicle which are responsible for hair growth. As Laser Hair Removal targets only the hairs in the active phase, only a percentage of hairs are treated with each session. A series of treatments is required to clear an area, though less hair will return with each treatment and the regrowth will become fine, soft and sparse.

Laser hair removal treatments target melanin which is the dark pigment contained within the hair. Red hair contains a different type of melanin and consequently the treatments can be less effective for redheads.
The area must be shaved prior to treatment to allow the laser energy to be directed under the skin, and not to heat up the surface by having dark hair above the skin level. Any plucking or waxing must be stopped for several weeks before starting treatment, as the hair needs to be in the follicle for it to work.

The effectiveness of the Laser Hair Removal treatments is mostly dependant on the quality of machine used, the parameters or correct setting and proper candidate selection. An ideal candidate for Laser Hair Removal has light coloured skin and dark coloured hair. This stark contrast of colour allows the laser light to easily target the hair and pose little or no risk of harm to the skin. This is also why it’s important to avoid sun exposure and tanning when undergoing a course of permanent hair removal treatments.

It is important for the full area to be treated by the laser with each hair removal appointment so hairs are not missed. Any missed patches will require additional treatments in the future and the area may look patchy or have uneven hair growth. Hairs that do not fall out or shed within about 14 days have usually not been treated effectively. This is due to poor spacing by the operator or incorrect technique, which can often be avoided by finding a reputable laser clinic that has licensed and experienced operators.

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